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August 2010



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Aug. 31st, 2010

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Jul. 19th, 2010

I saw your hands

I saw your hands
Burning into mine

I saw your love
Leave through the cracks
In my mind

I saw your lies
Creep through
Our empty house

I saw your eyes
Cut through
My body

I saw your tears
Flood into mine

May. 29th, 2010

(no subject)



Why do some starve

And some obese?


Why do some work

And others slob?


Why do some pray

And others curse?


Why do some play

And others work?


Why do some spend

And others save?


Why do some fight

And others friend?


Why do some give

And others take?


Why do some love

And others hate?


Why do some build

And others break?


Why do some laugh

And others cry?


Why do some live

And others die?


Why Die?



Why did she go?

What was so bad

That she never told a soul?

What was so bad

To make her feel so sad?

So sad that she didn’t want to stay anymore

To love?

Or live?

Or mother anymore?

Or wife

Or work

Or strive

Or be

To work and play

To sing and dance

To cook and eat

To laugh and cry

To live

Not die




What was so bad

To make her not want to be

To make her run


In the morn

Run to the train

To end her pain




What demons of depression chased and dragged her down

And carried her off

Away from her babes?

Why didn’t she stay?

Not even to play

With her kids on Mother’s Day


Demonic depression

Shattered family portraits

Fractured futures

Splintered hearts

Faceless furies

Departed Souls

Fluttered feathers

Hearbeat stopping

Silence screaming

Nightmares beginning




What a week! What a wild, wild week!

Passion, impulse, predatory, sensual, sexual,

warm, loving, sensitive,

casual, special, sexy, soothing, confusing, anxious, telling, hiding, running, fear, distrust, ecstasy, awkwardness, sadness, trauma, drama, tears, wet, wild,

dancing, swaying, grooving, jamming, shaking,

playing, hanging, sleeping, dreaming, fantasising, agonising,

distancing, pushing, pulling, caring, tugging, trusting, loving,

using, abusing, rejecting, misunderstanding,



Cold Feet

Feverish Heart

Itchy Skin

Aching Joints

Tense Neck

Tired Eyes

Grumbling Stomach

Sore back


Restless Soul

Homeless Spirit





(no subject)

Down In The Depths



Down in the depths

Without a lover

Without a friend

Darkness is descending on me

Rolling in and settling on my psyche

And self

Like the heavy fog that hangs in my head

Clouding my vision

As I search for the truth

Depressed and dejected

Deranged and demented

Despondant and despairing

Displaced and misdirected

Discouraged and dispirited

Devalued and demoralised



(no subject)

Drowning in Dyslexia of the Heart



My tears sting

And my eyes ache

In the silence of the night

My mind rages

While my heart is breaking


Nobody understands me

And the pain I feel

Nobody hears me, sees me,

Feels what I feel


I turn my face away

And hide the tears

I’m ashamed of my sadness

And the misery it brings




I feel so alone in the world

With nowhere to turn

Burn Babylon, burn!


My dreams disturb me

My reality scares me

There’s nowhere to run






Moon’s nearly full and I’ve bathed in its beams

Memories maul me and leave me in tears

Photos and letters, salt-soaked and bleeding

Haunt me and taunt me in my needing

Cause I love to love and be loved

But it hasn’t been easy

To find and forgive and forget

That little frightened child within us all

And love unconditionally

Once and for all!

May. 25th, 2010

The Friend

The Friend

The friend that is loyal

The friend that  listens

The friend that is patient

The friend that is kind

The friend that is generous

The friend that is warm

The friend that is inviting

The friend that does not judge

Dependable friend

The friend who is welcoming

The friend who is supportive

The friend who is never harsh

The friend who is always there

The friend who is always smiling

The friend who always cares

The friend who remembers

The friend who never forgets

Faithful friend

The friend who understands

The friend who always calls

The friend who always helps

The friend who does not need to be asked

The friend who does so willingly

The friend who does so lovingly

The friend who does the job of being my friend

Precious friend


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